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[23 Mar 2008|07:26pm]
I see that crazy bear has updated his journal again.
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[03 Feb 2008|06:27pm]
You may be interested to see that claude_snuffles has updated his journal.
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[30 Jul 2007|11:21pm]
Okay, I know I hardly ever post, but this was too good not to share.


Jonathan is surprisingly tender. Now, I'm not one to write slash fiction...

With thanks to randimason
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RocKabaret [27 May 2007|03:18pm]
[ mood | curious ]

So, in my travels I picked up this flyer:

RocKabaretCollapse )

Apparently it is a decadently glamorous rock star party with live art performances. Brechtian cabaret, neo-burlesque acts, circus shows, catwalk parades etc.

Has anyone been? Does anyone fancy going along? The next one is on 16th June. nicki_w and the_freaky_z, interested?

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[26 Nov 2006|09:49pm]
Vulcana Women's Circus and the Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts
present Strange Creatures

Vulcana Women's Circus in collaboration with women from Vulcana's circus
workshops and women from the Deaf community in Brisbane will present a new
circus theatre work, Strange Creatures.

Strange Creatures combines the spectacle of circus with the performances
skills of Auslan* speakers to produce a compelling piece of physical theatre
for Deaf and hearing audiences.

More infoCollapse )
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[30 Oct 2006|06:55pm]
Warning, blatant plug!!

Dear Friends and Supporters of Vulcana Women's Circus,

Vulcana is appealing to your help to ensure the continuation of our current
project, Strange Creatures.

Vulcana is currently creating our latest large-scale community show, Strange
Creatures, with members of the Vulcana community and women from the Deaf
community. We have been working together on this project for the last 8
months. Due to the failure of one application to the Australia Council and
our overall funding situation the project is severely compromised.

Details of how you can help are behind the cutCollapse )
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[18 Apr 2005|10:53pm]
**apologies to anyone who has already seen this in bananafish2k's journal**

Given that we are heading off to the UK in 3 weeks, we have a heap of fabulous stuff for sale!

Go have a look!

Mostly furniture, electrical and kitchen stuff at the moment. Buy buy buy!
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[14 Oct 2003|10:32pm]
To my reading public:

No, I haven't deleted my journal. I've just made it friends only. The usual reasons - there are too many people out there I don't want knowing my business. Sorry to all the people who don't have LJs but enjoyed reading mine. Send me an email sometime. :)
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